She recently released “Sparks Fly,” the second single from her full-length album, “Start Over,” and has recorded and performed with a number of other artists at venues around town.

”When I first moved here, I didn’t have a lot of gigs, so I spent a lot of time writing,” she said of the material that comprises “Start Over.” “A lot of the musicians I met really believed in the music and offered up their talents, many at the invitation of bassist-producer Elmo Price.
— Michael C. Moore; Kitsap Sun

Jazmarae Beebe and Eve Berrington performing on Radio Eins, Berlin with group Søltree.


Jazmarae Beebe and Richard Scott with the Crescent City Swingers on WWL Channel 4 News: Morning Show, New Orleans. 

Beebe’s sound is jazzy, smoky, soulful, groovy, and is marked by some of the most infectious hooks I’d hear the entire week end... it was only when I saw her perform that I realized, Oh, SHE’S the one I’ve been hearing about!
— Dustin Rei; Seattle Wave Radio
It doesn’t sound like anything else that’s come out of the Seattle pop scene lately. It’s not stripped-down folk, and it’s not hand-clapping tent-revival indie Americana.

The sound she turned to is closer to the stylistic neighborhood of Pickwick’s neo-soul, funk thing or maybe to the increasingly popular soul sound of Allen Stone. But it has a smoky element that neither of those acts does.
— Pat Muir; Yakima Herald