Jazmarae Beebe and Richard Scott with the Crescent City Swingers on WWL Channel 4 News: Morning Show, New Orleans. 

It doesn’t sound like anything else that’s come out of the Seattle pop scene lately. It’s not stripped-down folk, and it’s not hand-clapping tent-revival indie Americana.

The sound she turned to is closer to the stylistic neighborhood of Pickwick’s neo-soul, funk thing or maybe to the increasingly popular soul sound of Allen Stone. But it has a smoky element that neither of those acts does.
— Pat Muir
Beebe’s sound is jazzy, smoky, soulful, groovy, and is marked by some of the most infectious hooks I’d hear the entire week end... it was only when I saw her perform that I realized, Oh, SHE’S the one I’ve been hearing about!
— Dustin Rei